Hair is here to stay...

Hair is here to stay...


Likewise, we should take twice as much care of our hair too. Renowned hair stylist, Jawed Habib, was in the City recently and revealed a few tips people could use to ensure that the blistering sun does not take a toll on their hair. He displayed different haircuts and styles to beat the heat and also shared his theory of ‘Hair Yoga’.

Revealing the secret behind his skill with scissors, he says, “We are becoming more fashion conscious each day and the pressure to look good for every occasion is too much today. Most people have the misconception that fashion means only ‘Bollywood.’ But that is not so. It is about simple things like keeping your hair clean and giving it as much nutrition as possible by eating and drinking healthy.” ‘Hair Yoga’ is not an asana.

It is the simple things you do to take care of your hair and includes even how you use a comb or a brush. He says, “The first step in following this routine is to smile a lot. When you smile, your whole body feels good and this reflects in how radiant your face and hair look.”

The weather in Bangalore is very moist which makes hair look limp and lifeless. So he feels one should avoid using oil at all costs. He says, “All follow a myth that oil is good for the hair. But in reality, it works only like a moisturiser and does nothing for the growth or volume of the hair. It can be used for a scalp massage.

The real secret behind having good and lustrous hair is finding the right shampoo, conditioner and what is of utmost importance is a hair serum.” He adds, “While choosing a shampoo, you should take proper care as what may suit one may not work well for the other. Each one of us has a different texture of hair. A general rule that you should follow is that if your hair is dry, use a mild shampoo which does not strip your hair of all the oil.”

Nowadays, there are a plenty of hair salons springing up with the stylists guiding you regarding the steps you need to take to maintain your hair. He adds, “You should have a cut that speaks of your personality. If you wear a branded dress, you should have a branded hair style too. It is not just about how short the cut is but how it suits your entire persona. So it is always wise to visit a proper hair stylist for this purpose.” Short, cropped styles and shoulder length cuts are in trend this season. While they make you look stylish, they should also retain life in your hair. He follows a mantra, ‘The shorter the better.’”

And all this should be coupled with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. He says, “Every single meal of the day is important for your hair. You can eat junk food too but make sure you even it out by eating nutritious food and drinking large amounts of water as it helps in flushing out toxic waste from your system.” With these handy tips, one cannot go wrong with their hair-do.