Man directed to pay Rs 25k to wife

Man directed to pay Rs 25k to wife

Justice R Mala in her order said the “petitioner is entitled to get maintenance as per the dictum laid down in this provision, a measure of social justice and is to be construed liberally for the protection of women.”

“Because of the attitude of husband, she was away from her matrimonial home. So I am of the view that the petitioner's wife is entitled to get maintenance,” the judge said.
The petitioner Renuka Ponnourangam of Puducherry married Viswanathan Jayaraman on February 10, 2000 and after the marriage they were settled in the US.

Though they came to India in 2004, Viswananthan alone returned to the US later leaving his wife with his mother. Renuka had earlier filed a petition in a trial court stating that her mother-in-law had treated her cruely and left her in her parents' house at Puducherry in 2004. She also sought a monthly maintenance of $ 2,500 or its equivalent Indian currency from her husband who was working as Computer Software Consultant in the US and earned about $ 90,000 per annum and deserted her.

The judge said as per documents submitted in the court, Viswanathan’s monthly income is $ 6,499. But the maintenance case was filed in 2006.

Considering the cost of living and monthly income of the Viswanathan, the judge said Renuka was entitled to get Rs 25,000 per month.