UPA-II govt is shameful, scam-ful, says Venkaiah

UPA-II govt is shameful, scam-ful, says Venkaiah

“The two fundamental issues on which the UPA-II has completely failed are - corruption and price rise. The UPA-II has been the most dishonest government in the history,” senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu told reporters.

“It is an irony that a distinguished economist, believed to be the most honest (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh), was heading the most corrupt regime in independent India,” he said.

“The 2G scam involving a sum of Rs 1,76,000 crore, perhaps the biggest scam ever that took place in the country, is the biggest shame on the UPA-II,” Naidu said.

“The scams are stupendous and stunning. Those which have seen the light of the day are - the export and import of food grains involving thousands of cores of money, the CWG scam involving Rs 70,000 crore, the IPL scam, the S-band spectrum scam, the Adarsh Society scam involving senior Army/IAS officers and ministers and startling and shocking telephone tapping to mobilise support and harass political opponents,” the former BJP president said.

Biggest failure

Naidu said the biggest failure of the UPA government had been its inability to contain the  rise in price of essential commodities. The tremendous rise in food prices has hurt the poor the most. “For three years, we had a double digit inflation in the Wholesale Price Index. The petrol prices have been raised 20 times in the name of rationalisation,” he said.