People's Problems

People's Problems

Grievance: We are not getting sufficient water from BWSSB for last one month. The borewell at the end of 17th ‘A’ Cross is not working.

M R Venkatesh

Response: The BWSSB engineer visited the spot and found that the borewell mentioned has dried up completely and no repair work will yield any water. Shortage of water supply issue has been solved by supplying more water to this area. The BWSSB will not be sinking any borewell hereafter as BBMP has taken over the work and the BBMP official concerned can be contacted for sinking of new borewell

AEE, North-1

Grievance: The residents of Viveknagar Further Extension have not been getting water supply scheduled on alternate days.

S M Robert
Viveknagar Further Extension.

Response: The main pumping station was shutdown for major works some time back, due to which water supply was affected for three-four days.

When the power was restored, it took a while for the ground level reservoir in Viveknagar to be filled; there was change in supply timing for few days. The water supply has been regularised now.

Ninge Gowda

Grievance: Residents of SFS-407 group of KHB in Yelahanka New Town receive water from BWSSB once in five or six days.

Y S Satyanarayana
Yelahanka New Town

Response: There was some problem a month ago in supplying water to areas in Yelahanka, the issue has been resolved.

The BWSSB has also increased the pressure of water supply in these areas.

AEE, North-4

Drains blocked

The drain on 16th ‘B’ main Road behind Nandhini Hotel, Koramangala, in 151 Ward is blocked at either ends for over a decade and the rain water from the drain flows on the road.

Worse, vehicles on 100-ft Road Koramangala, bound for Sarjapur road, in order to avoid four signal lights, take the deviation and proceed on this road which is only 40 feet wide at very high speed. We had requested BBMP to erect two road humps on this road. Our request to BBMP over the last few years have fallen on deaf ears. Will the BBMP take action?

J I Devadatta

 Blaring loudspeakers

Loud speakers have become a menace in Ramamurthy Nagar. Every year, a temple in Kowdenahalli plays loud music for three days at a stretch after Ugadi and during other festivals.

Roads in the area are lit up with serial lights and power is being drawn illegally from the poles on the road. Repeated complaints to the Karnataka Pollution Control Board have made no difference. Will the authorities concerned stop this nuisance?


Road-digging culprits

Trenches dug on many roads in Maruthi Nagar, Malleshpalya have not been covered after completion of work.

As per BBMP rules, any person or organisation digging up a road with its permission, has to restore the road to its original form. This applies to telecom companies and contractors for water and sewage lines digging up the roads. Will the authorities concerned take some action in this regard?

Mahesh Narayanan
Maruthi Nagar,

 Fallen tree at park

A big tree has fallen across the walkway in the park situated between 7th and 10th main roads in ISRO layout (Ward 181).

The caretaker living within the park has expressed his helplessness in doing anything about it. He says he has been calling the authorities concerned every day but is unable to get any help.

The tree has also damaged a protective fence around an open well. This also needs to be repaired immediately after removing the tree, since this can be a risk to small children playing in the park.

Prasad C S
ISRO Layout 

 Traffic light required

The junction of Hosur (Dr Mari Gowda) Road and Tavarekere Main Road in front of Prestige Acropolis is very busy and in the absence of a traffic light or a policeman it is very difficult to take turns here specially during morning and evening hours.
Tavarekere Main Road has become very busy on account of many apartments and software companies here. During busy hours it is a nightmare to take a turn here in either direction. The presence of traffic policemen is also not regular. The request made earlier in 2009 to Mico Layout police station had been studied and forwarded to the DCP, Traffic East Division on March 7, 2009 but no action has been taken yet.

J Mendonza
Krishnanagar Industrial
Layout, Hosur Road

 Dug up roads

The BWSSB has dug up 4th main road, Vyalikaval for replacing of sanitary pipes.
The work is progressing at a snail’s pace, leaving pot holes and heaps of earth on the road. The trench dug for replacing the pipe is not filled, not compacted, not levelled leaving lumps of mud on the road. This is causing a nightmare to people by the way of dust.

The 12th cross is has become a garbage dump, with many stray dogs menacing children walking on the road. The streetlights are burnt out, leaving the place in darkness. We request the authorities concerned to solve the problems.

Residents of Vyalikaval

Littered pavements

The footpath on the Ring Road from 7th Block, BSK III stage to Padmanabhanagar  is filled with garbage removed from the drains. The pourakarmikas have cleared the drainage and piled it up on the footpath.

Besides there are some footpath vendors who have occupied the place for their livelihood. Shopowners have made no provision for parking to the customers. Children from the National Public School are directly exposed to this unhygienic condition as they have to pass this road. Due to lack of space, pedestrians have to walk on the main road holding their breath until they pass the stretch. Many people use the footpaths covered by wild weeds and plastic waste as toilets. The footpaths are not at all pedestrian friendly. Both minister R Ash­oka and Corporator Govindaraju stay close to this area. Can we expect them to help?

G S Meenakshi
7th Block, BSK III stage.

Bad roads

A portion of the Service Road between the SWD crossing near the Metro station and Kalyan Society Building in RPC Layout is in a very bad condition.

The stretch has not been re-asphalted for the last four years and was left out when the re-asphalting work of the service road was carried out two years ago.

The two drains on either side of this stretch are clogged with debris from a few houses under construction. The junction of the drain coming from the West of Chord Road, Attiguppe circle side to the drain on the park side is completely choked.

During rain, dirty drain water overflows on to the road. Many of the covering slabs on the drains are broken or missing. Repeated requests/complaints have failed to get response.
Residents of the Area.