Bold expressions of fabrics

Bold expressions of fabrics

Dramatic Cuts

Innovative A model showcasing a design by Huda Khan.DH photo

This year’s theme was ‘Celeste-elements of nature’ and the designs were carried off to perfection by the models on the ramp. Expressing themselves through fabric, colour and unusual designs, the students put up a wonderful show.

The show opened with Huda Khan’s ‘Transmute’, which had the models wearing fabrics which can be worn in different styles. These models came in brown dresses, which could also be used as bags. Adding to the look was the colourful headgear which gave the models an edge. The collection was bold, innovative and a great beginning.

Next up was Puanchei by Lalnunengi, where she presented the traditional fabric of Mizoram in a hip manner. Using simple cuts and silhouettes, the collection was in shades of red with a bit of different colours thrown in. The clothes had the fabric as embroidery on them and in some cases as belts. The garments in this fabric were dresses and pants, teamed up with beads.

Qiana was designer Priyanka’s way of showing the harmony of nature. She created drama on the garments by mixing different colours as well as fabrics together in a harmonious manner. The various colours seen on the ramp were green, cream, vermillion, yellow, brown and orange.

Designer Parbani’s collection Mati was inspired by the classic ‘A Wife’s Letter’ by Rabindranath Tagore. It used linen and silk in a mix of elements such as print and checks and an abstract form of batik, supported by the traditional kantha work. The predominant colours used were rich Indian shades of red, ochre, and white, offset with beige, black and maroon. ‘Inferno’ by Pavithra was a depiction of the phenomena of a volcanic eruption. The collection was inspired by rocks and lava and played with textures, colours and patterns to portray the energy. Orange, black and red were the main colours of the collection and the look was made even more fierce by the use of stockings and knee-length boots. Anima by Komal Sharma was inspired by vampire, voodoo dolls and black magic and the designer took everyone by surprise by bringing in a cat on the ramp in the end.

Naga Prachita Devi’s Kanchiyur gave a fresh appeal to the Kanchipuram silk fabric by incorporating it as gown. The clothes were rich in tradition and innovation. While choosing the best designs was definitely a tough task, Huda Khan was announced as the winner, followed by Naga Prichita Devi.