Campaign to defend Wikileaks launched

Campaign to defend Wikileaks launched

 S Senthil, who is part of the campaign in the city, told Deccan Herald that it will be eventually moved off-line to college campuses after the summer vacation.  “The internet as such is a democratic medium where people can freely share information,” Senthil said.

“People should be aware of this freedom and should understand that information is leaked in public interest especially if it is done following due processes.”

S Raghavendra, a free software activist and part of FSMK, said the public confuse Wikileaks with Wikipedia.

“Freedom to learn how big decisions impacting the public at large and the sovereignty of our country is essential and people must be aware of it. We are also focusing on the student community since they, as future professionals, must understand how technology and policies play a big role in ensuring freedom of information,” he said, clarifying that the campaign has taken Wikileaks as an example though its primary focus remains on internet freedom.  

The campaign would target law, media and engineering colleges, considering the role the three disciplines play in internet and democracy, FSMK said.

The online campaign, began nearly two weeks ago, has attracted 200 signatures, the Movement said.  FSMK is one of many technology networks which fear that the proposed changes to IT regulations in the country would eventually affect internet freedom and are creating public awareness on the issue.