Braving odds to pursue dreams

Braving odds to pursue dreams

Wednesday was indeed a day for celebration for both Abhishek (name changed), a cancer patient and Aakansha Agnihotri, a physically challenged, who have secured the 61st rank at all-India level in the IIT-JEE.

 Abhishek  was a regular student of a coaching institute in Kota when doctors diagnosed him with malignancy. The shocking news came two years ago when the 17-year-old was in class 12th and was preparing to repeat his brother’s success at IIT. Doctors termed his condition ‘critical’ and referred to Mumbai and chemotherapy was the only hope.

 However, after a successive chemotherapy and treatment, his condition stabilised and he started coaching for a second attempt to accomplish his  dream.

According to his parents, Abhishek always wanted to pursue computer science at IIT Delhi or Mumbai. Overwhelmed by son’s success, they hope that Abhishek would soon recover from his illness.

The story of Aakansha Agnihotri is no different. Aakansha, who lost her left hand in an accident in an accident about eight years ago, had to grapple with the poor financial conditions of the family.  Her father Yogesh, who lost his leg, ekes out a living by selling gutka and cigarette in a makeshift kiosk on a road side in Jaipur. Despite the tragedy, Aakansha managed to get 94.2 per cent and 89 per cent marks in the secondary and higher secondary examinations, respectively.

“I was depressed after the accident but constant encouragement from my parents helped me. My coaching institute found a sponsor for me. God has been kind to save my life and always send good Samaritans to help,”  says Aakansha.

A visibly elated Yogesh said, “it is the result of her hard work and determination.”