Ignorance or sheer carelessness?

Ignorance or sheer carelessness?

Lacking discipline

Breaking rules: Thanks to traffic violators, chaos on City roads is a common sight.

Many factors such as peer pressure and rebellious nature of youth affect their behaviour on the road. Young people today succumb to dangerous driving habits. Whether this behaviour is a result of lack of awareness on traffic rules or plain ignorance, these violators are not only a threat to themselves but also the commuters around. The number of deaths caused due to accidents is on the rise; blame it on the increasing incidents of road rage or lack of discipline on the road. In this light, Metrolife asks youngsters around the City if they follow traffic regulations or take them for granted.

Often people tend to be in a hurry to reach their destinations on time and therefore, lose patience and skip signals. “I think people are aware of rules but due to poor infrastructure, which leads to heavy traffic at almost every junction, people tend to intentionally break rules in order to get to their destination quickly,” says Sangeeth Ram, a young biker. Traffic policemen in the City have a hard time checking offenders and managing traffic during peak hours. “It is difficult especially with youngsters. They just want to drive fast and overtake. They do not realise the consequences of their actions.

Skipping signals, drinking and driving, not wearing a helmet and speeding are some of the common offences,” says Hanumatharaya, a traffic policeman.

On the other hand, many feel that due to the heavy fines imposed on violators, rules are being followed to a certain extent. “I think today, people are aware of the consequences of breaking rules. A fine does not come cheap and therefore, people follow rules in order to avoid paying heavy fines,” says Sharvari Kolavara of Mount Carmel College.

While youngsters may be aware of traffic rules, awareness does not mean that they will automatically follow the rules. “I think there are a lot of people who are aware of the various traffic rules and regulations but the question is if they follow these rules or not,” says Sonali Sylvia, a student.

Others disagree. “I have seen youngsters, they skip signals and drive rashly. I strongly feel many of them do not know even the basic rule of keeping to the left or overtaking from the right. If the youth start following regulations, it would make things a lot easier,” says Sandra Cultintia.

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