Be rational, and not conventional, writers told

Be rational, and not conventional, writers told

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fiery speech: Kotiganahalli Ramaiah delivers the presidential address at the 11th District  Kannada Literary Fest at the Government Model Higher Primary School, Bangarpet, on  Saturday. dh photoA writer should always analyse the changes taking place around him rather than accept convention blindly, said writer Kotiganahalli Ramaiah.

He was delivering the presidential address at the 11th District Kannada Literary Fest at the Government Model Higher Primary School, Bangarpet, on Saturday.

Observe and follow

A writer should observe changes in society and then follow his conscience. He should also oppose any disturbing feature. “Only then would rationalism surpass the boundaries of imagination,” Ramaiah added.

He also said this was the reason that held him from attending the inaugural ceremony that included a procession of girls carrying 102 kalasas. “I was withheld by morality.”
Ramaiah arrived for the fest towards the end of the inaugural ceremony.

Although the hosts had failed to provide the president transport and to wait till he arrived to begin the programme, Ramaiah blamed himself for his delay, thereby preventing any controversy.

Mirror to the writer

Any work of writing reflects not only the writer’s or poet’s creativity. It is also a manifestation of the environment he/she grew up in, the writer’s intelligence and even response to any issue, he said.

“On the one hand, the writer brings out the story matter through the work, but on the other hand, the work of writing itself unravels secrets about the writer. Therefore, a writer should be introspective in every way, at every step,” warned Ramaiah.
Referring to the importance of moving beyond convention, he said a writer should first develop his own point of view and also the habit of accepting what is new.
“Otherwise, no number of such literary fests will prove useful. After all, nobody prefers stale food,” he said.

Ramaiah expressed his ire over being requested to pause as the hosts wished to felicitate M Narayanaswamy, the Bangarpet legislator, who was leaving. “This is an act of disrespect towards the president of the fest,” he said and continued
his speech.

Change timings

Referring to the timings at the literary fest, Ramaiah said it was necessary to change the convention of having the presidential address just before lunch hour.

“It is unfortunate that the address is timed such that the people attending the fest will think of food rather than pay attention to the speaker, who would be speaking on important issues,” he rued and ended his address.

Ramaiah, however, said that anyone with questions and doubts regarding his speech at the fest could contact him.

‘Learn from farmers’

Kotiganahalli Ramaiah reminded that Kuvempu advised society to revere the plough and its bearer.

“Everyone, from politicians to the common man, should learn from the farmer. Today, however, we remember farmers only when we listen to the poem ‘Negila Yogi’, rued Ramaiah.

He also said this was a distress signal for everybody. Even writers have forgotten that Kolar is no longer a land of gold mines.

He said the Kannada Sahitya Parishat was created on the lines of a victorious democratic setup. “The Wodeyars of Mysore started it, symbolising an equal status for kings and writers. This background of the Parishat should never be forgotten,” he warned.

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