Behind tinted glasses

Behind tinted glasses

Permissible limit

Behind tinted glasses

No hiding: The windscreen and rear window of cars should have at least 70 per cent transparency.But with growing dissent among car owners, coloured glasses are back in fashion.
And they are not considered a punishable offence any more.

Metrolife spoke to the authorities and the people to find out what is the acceptable level of this.

On being questioned, Nagappa, Assistant Commissioner of Police Traffic (East Division) says, “Previously, a lot of murder cases and illegal activities were reported due to dark tinted glasses.”

“So a ban was implemented and anyone using such coloured glasses was entitled to a fine. So now, there is a certain level of transparency which the motorists need to follow beyond which it is an offence,” he adds.

According to Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, the windscreen and rear window of cars should have at least 70 per cent transparency. Side windows should have a minimum visibility of 50 per cent.

However, as is evident, the rule remains just on paper as the authorities have not done enough to implement it.Since there is no blanket ban, it makes enforcement

Says Jaimin, a student, “Minimum transparency on car glasses is required as it ensures safety. It is because of travelling reasons.”

“A lot of people would agree that if the glasses are heavily tinted, it blurs the visibility which might lead to accidents too. The car owners might not be aware of the
existing norms. They choose such glasses because it makes their cars look good.

It is the duty of the authorities — traffic police and transport department — to enforce this rule and book the offenders,” he says.

Even Aditya, a professional, shares the same opinion.“The main problem is that the authorities are always in a rush. After a few months, they lose steam. It will be
effective only if people are given time to get used to the rule,” he says. 

“Awareness should also be created about it. Not many people actually know about the law,” Aditya adds. A lot of cars get the glasses fitted in the showrooms itself. 

But as Jaimin says, “These showrooms follow the permissible standards. I got my car fitted with tinted glass provided from the showroom and it is tested for minimum visibility.”

Another car dealer, Osman Khan, who has a showroom on Brigade Road, says, “It doesn’t always mean secrecy. Many a time, people prefer to have tinted glasses to avoid sunlight. We follow the permissible level of tint for the glasses and advise our customers too.”

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