Munde buys peace with Gadkari, not to quit BJP

Munde buys peace with Gadkari, not to quit BJP

Denies reports that he was in touch with Congress

Munde buys peace with Gadkari, not to quit BJP

After meeting  the leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj here, Munde denied he was quitting the party. “I am in BJP. I will remain in BJP. News that I am quitting are wrong,” he said.

Munde has been nursing deep resentment against Gadkari for appointing his own men in the key posts in the Maharashtra.

The disgruntled BJP leader is likely to have more meetings with the senior party leaders to sort out organisational problems in Maharahstra.

Munde also denied that he was in touch with the Congress leadership saying he had never  met  political secretary to Congress president Ahmed Patel. Reports from the Congress camp earlier indicated that that party had made “some offer”  to the disgruntled saffron leader.

Munde said that he had put across his as well as his supporters’  “grievances”to the party top brass. On his meeting with Swaraj, he said two days back when he had met the BJP leadership to express his sentiments, the Leader of the Opposition was not present.
Munde said it was up to the leadership to find solution to the problems. “He has put his grievances at an appropriate place,” Sushma Swaraj said.

The  ‘rebellion’  has  brought to the fore a long-standing fault-line lying between him and Gadkari.

The OBC  strongman’s threat to quit the party has, though,  not come as a surprise as he has made similar statements in the past with the party pacifying him with the post of deputy leader in the Lok Sabha.