Magic of the Moonlight Sonata

Magic of the Moonlight Sonata

One winter night, Beethoven went for a walk with a friend. The moon was shining brightly. As they were walking, they heard the strains of beautiful music. It came from a small, poor house. Beethoven stopped, listened and then said,”‘It is from one of my sonatas. That man is playing it very well.”

Suddenly, the music stopped and they heard a girl’s voice, “I cannot play any longer. It is too beautiful and I don’t play well. How I wish I could go to just one concert of Beethoven!”

Another voice, that of a man said, “You know that is not possible, my sister. We are too poor. We have no money.” Outside, Beethoven told his friend, “I will go in and play for them. That girl is a wonderful musician.”

He knocked at the door and went in. The room was small and dark with just one candle burning. The girl was pale and thin and the young man was working at a table.
“Excuse me,” said Beethoven, “I heard some beautiful music. I am a musician too. May I play something for you?”

The young man said apologetically, “Our piano is old and we have no sheets of music.”
“No sheets? Then how did your sister...” He stopped short for he now noticed that the girl was blind.

“I listened to a person who practices everyday,” answered the girl shyly. “I love music.”
When he heard those words, Beethoven sat down at once before the piano and began playing.

The brother and sister listened in rapt silence. The girl then exclaimed, “What wonderful music! Who are you, sir?”

“Listen to this,” answered Beethoven and began to play one of his great sonatas. At once the girl cried, “Now I know! You are the great Beethoven. Oh, how happy I am!”
Just then the candle went out. Beethoven’s friend opened the curtain and the silvery moonlight streamed in. Beethoven was silent for awhile and then said, “I will compose a new sonata for you. It will be a sonata to the moonlight.”

He began to play with all his heart and the music flowed, soft, sweet and beautiful. Finally he stopped.

“Thank you, kind sir,” said the girl. “Please, please come again.” “I will,” replied Beethoven, “and shall give you some lessons too.”

They stepped outside. Beethoven told his friend, “Let’s hurry back. I must write down that Moonlight Sonata quickly.”

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