A total mishmash affair

A total mishmash affair

Here I come: Premkumar and Sharmila Mandre in the movie Dan Dhana Dan.

It is well that the David Dhawan flick Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin came way back in 2002. This mad caper minus logic went on to make decent business. Ramnath Rugvedi’s remake however is a slap on the face for genuine comedy fans, and even Prem and Sharmila Mandre fans. The director has gone through the motions of reeling up a shoddy screenplay, not bothered over the technical aspects – even those that are available at affordable rates.

The film looks a mish-mash of Technicolour and Eastman colour; perhaps an exercise in economy was in progress. Either that, or Goverdhan was a poor choice along with the lab.
There’s nothing to be said for acting and music either. Wonder why Premkumar and Sharmila chose this film? The screenplay doesn’t reach any plausible conclusion at all. Adi Lokesh fails to bring out the vulnerability of a don in love, unlike Sanjay Dutt. Prem never settles down, while Sharmila looks pretty but little else. Ravishankar’s loud outburst can only sustain interest to a point.

Dhan Dhana Dhan won’t be missed at all. What a pity!

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