Pakistanis and these confessions

Pakistanis and these confessions

 Although Kasab had willingly confessed what he and his co-criminals had done in Mumbai a couple of years earlier -- they killed over 160 innocent people belonging to all communities -- Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, as well as foreign tourists including Americans. Pakistanis shrugged off any sense of guilt because Kasab was in our custody and illiterate. The trial judge very wisely went ahead with case and recorded the testimony of eye-witnesses and others who captured Kasab before sentencing him to death.

Confessions of Headley and Rana were made on neutral territory and by educated men fully aware of what the consequences of mounting an attack on Mumbai would be. It would bring the two countries on the brink of full-scale war which would wipe out whatever they had achieved in the way of making themselves prosperous.

Both Headley and Rana have described the involvement of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI and military personnel. Pakistan’s rulers owe it to their own countrymen and to its neighbouring countries, particularly India, to make a full confession of its inability to control subversive elements in its country.

I know from experience of several visits to Pakistan and from Pakistanis who came to see me that the average Pakistani has no ill-will against us but there are mullahs who preach hatred towards non-Muslims and support the Taliban, Al Qaeda and innumerable small organisations who regard hostility towards India as Jihad and will not let us live in peace.

David Davidar

Most publishers will agree that David Davidar knows more about publishing than anyone else in the world. He set up Penguin India and within three years made it the largest, the most sought-after by authors and the most profitable publishing enterprise. He was upgraded and transferred to Canada. He was on the way to be recognised as the best editor of manuscripts when he had the misfortune of being blackmailed by a Canadian woman on his staff and forced to resign. A few months back he and his wife Rachna returned Delhi.

The latest is that he has a novel on publishing which Harper Collins is bringing out soon and he is setting up his publishing house in collaboration with Rupa. It is to be named Aleoh, after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (The Arabic Alif is derived from it). I have no idea how he will bring new talent to publish. I have pleasant memories of collaborating with him when Penguin Viking was first set up in a two-roomed flat.

 I recall that when he decided to accept a manuscript, he befriended the author and suggested changes that would enhance its readability. He did that to Vikram Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy.’ It became a best seller in the English-speaking world. He did that to my ‘Delhi-a-novel.’ At his suggestion I added a fresh chapter. It went into many editions. I have little doubt David will be able to locate budding authors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and re-establish his reputation as the best head of a publishing house.

Sorry, dear Kanimozhi
An ever smiling lady, sweet and pretty
A lady whose first love was poetry
And who entered politics most reluctantly,
My heart goes out naturally for Kanimozhi.
And the credit for this will go to K Karunanidhi
Who was keen to see
That every member of his multi-branded family
Would serve the state or the country,
That every member down to the eighth generation
Would be used for wealth creation
By occupying a position of power in the nation.
Of course, Karunanidhi had nothing to do with 2G
Or Kalaignar TV
So in the TN elections he could distribute no money
Or give the voters anything free;
He was never a part of the 2G fraud
O God, until their fingers they have burnt
Have the old man ever anything learnt!

(Courtesy: Kuldip Salil, Delhi)

One liners

It is very difficult to stand prosperity, especially your neighbour’s.
A sharp tongue and dull mind are usually found in the same head.
One can’t help admiring the fellow who is stupid and knows it.
If a man wants his dreams to come true, he must wake up.

(Contributed by Rajnish, Shimla)

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