Being safe during rains

Being safe during rains

Being safe during rains

fun-loving Simple measures can make monsoon an enjoyable affair.

Water infections are pretty common and temperature followed by an irritating cough or a runny nose is a symptom prevalent in most households. Water stagnation can also cause diseases and Bangalore’s unpredictable weather provides little rescue from the heavy sho­wers, which come as unannounced as an annoying house guest. Metrolife speaks to the City folk about the precautions they are taking this monsoon season to avoid a visit to the doctor.

Nitin G, a postgraduate student, says that keeping one’s surrounding dry must be the highest prerogative. “Always keep the surroundings clean and dry. Do not allow water to get accumulated as it can lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. The diseases associated with monsoon like malaria and dengue can be prevented by avoiding water-logging.”
There are others like Venkat, a film-maker, who says that the rains are synonymous with chai and pakoras and excessive indulgence in them can lead to a minor case of dysentery.

 “It is probably the greatest feeling to stop by in a roadside bhajji centre and eat piping hot pakoras when it is raining. But watch those numbers as too much of them can lead to an upset stomach.”

Some residents believe the only precaution they must take this monsoon is from the crumbling infrastructure of the City.

Nishtha Baheria, a business development director, says, “The only thing people need to be scared of during rains is the City’s bad infrastructure! My advice to people is to stay away from walls, flyovers, underpasses or anything to do with the Metro construction because you never know when something might just get flooded and drown you or come crashing down on you!”

Ajeya B N, a doctor, says that some of the most common complaints during rainy season are gut infections and insect-borne diseases like malaria and dengue.

“One of the simplest ways of avoiding gastro-intestinal infections is by drinking boiled water. To avoid malaria and dengue, do­n’t let water stagnate in a pla­ce for too long.”

There are others like Prakash K, an IT pr­o­fessional, who says that there aren’t any precautions that can be taken during monsoons. “I would say forget about precautions. Whatever you do, you will get wet and muddy so just enjoy the season.”