Is your illness authentic?

Is your illness authentic?

It could be true because the body and mind are so closely connected that they can be described as two aspects of the same coin, in fact it is one unit. The mind is the invisible part and the body is the visible. This is why just treating the body with medicines is not enough. It may suppress the symptoms but it does not eradicated the cause of the symptom.

What is health then? Can health be defined, or is it just absence of illness?

The WHO defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ So does Ayurveda.

Too much emphasis on disease and medicines itself is a sick approach to human being.
Osho goes to the extent that if medicine fails to cure you, know well your illness is not curable through medication -- the cause of the illness lies somewhere else; it has nothing to do with medication. You may curse the medicine and call the doctors stupid for not finding the right treatment for you; you may try ayurvedic medicine or naturopathic treatment; you may turn to allopathy or homeopathy -- nothing will work. No doctor can be of any use to you, simply because a doctor can only treat an authentic illness -- he has no control over something pseudo.

Find out whether you have some investment in your illness. Would you  rather develop cancer or a heart condition in the body than face the pain of a difficult relationship or failure in life or social humiliation? Give it a thought.

Osho’s insight is worth pondering: “The more we probe into the human psyche, the more it becomes clear that the disease exists somewhere in the human mind. As long as the disease exists in the human mind, the pseudo treatments will also continue to exist.

Hence, I am not so much concerned with doing away with pseudo methods, I am more concerned with putting an end to the disease in the human mind. If the disease in the human mind disappears, if man's consciousness awakens, if he becomes discriminating, he will not be surrounded by annoying troubles. It is not that you go and collect ash because a man distributes it in a village -- no, it is because you are eager to collect the ash; that's why someone has to distribute it.”

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