It's time for a holiday!

It's time for a holiday!

Some have already started to pack their bags and for others, it is time to just laze around at home. ‘Metrolife’ spoke to a few people to find out what are their plans for the weekend before Independence Day.

Most of the people are looking forward to the three day off and have planned to go on trips for relaxation. Zeeshan, a professional, says that when he gets a holiday, he packs his bags and goes to places to indulge in photography. He asserts, “My friends and I are highly interested in nature photography. Normally we go to the outskirts of Bangalore to capture a few photos. Now since we have three days, we are planning to go to Srirangapatna.” He adds, “Some of my friends took two days off prior to the weekend as they wanted to go to Leh and Ladakh.”

Many complain that they hardly get time for hobbies or other creative things. So this is the perfect time to pursue such hobbies. “My weekdays are really busy. So there’s always a bucket load of expectations for my weekends. The most I am able to do is read for a few hours or catch a movie. But this time since there is an extra day, I think I will have a lot more to do,” says Shilpa Ravi, a student. “Nowadays whenever I am at home, I spend time on Facebook or chat with friends mostly.” says Sangeeta. But she adds, “These three days will pass by even before you know and that’s mostly because you are doing nothing.”

For some, holidays doesn’t mean travelling. They want to stay in the City itself. Says Anurag, a professional, “I usually do not get enough time to meet up with my friends. So this time, I have made plans to go for a round of go-karting or paintball. These three days, I want to roam around the City and visit all the interesting places.”

But there are a few for whom this is just like any other weekend. They might make plans to use it for productive work or just laze around. Says Zulfiqaar Ahmed, “I have actually spent the entire week preparing a list of all the things to do, which includes washing clothes, cooking something nice, waking up early and exercising on both days, reading and watching a movie.” However he adds, “Like any other weekend I am sure, I will spend the weekend mostly in the house, sleeping and watching TV.”

And he is not alone. For many people, this weekend is solely reserved for good rest and nothing else. “I just sleep on holidays and do absol­utely nothing,” says Arnold, a BA student.

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