Anti-bacterial tiles for the monsoon

Anti-bacterial tiles for the monsoon

Anti-bacterial tiles for the monsoon

The monsoon causes a lot of dampness inside the house and could lead to a sloppy looking wall paper or bad interior finishes, and, when more severe, as blistering of paint and loss of plaster.

Damp walls encourage the growth of molds, which, coupled with high humidity, can lead to health problems for occupants.

Floor and wall tiles are the perfect solution to combat this situation because they offer durability and ensure undamaged colour and texture.

Take the innovative anti-bacterial tiles introduced by Somany Ceramics Ltd. These tiles are not only hygienic but also have ample add-on features making them perfect for your living space.

Manufactured by using anti-bacterial technology which kills germs, these tiles give you a germ-free environment. They significantly cut some of the most polluting agents present in the air and also reduce the odour in the air. By laying the anti-bacterial tiles, one does not need to rely completely on anti-germ cleaners.

This technology will allow the ceramic material to be treated as active principle that boasts of anti-bacterial properties that are able to reduce pollution and nitrogen oxide present in the atmosphere.

According to Abhishek Somany, JMD, Somany Ceramics Ltd., “The anti-bacterial tiles eliminate the risk of live microbial organisms in your space. This tile is an extremely important asset for maintaining the high levels of hygiene; thereby making a substantial contribution in creating a better atmosphere and a cleaner environment.”

These tiles are ideal for various interior applications like homes, hotels, hospitals, departmental store, other residential and commercial complexes.  Commenting further on why these tiles are can be used for interior and exterior environments, he added, “The material used to manufacture is ceramic but the composition in glaze is slightly different and inhibits the growth of bacteria.”

For the problem of humidity, and smells caused by mold on walls, ceramic tiles provide the solution. Tiles with smooth surfaces make cleaning a quick and easy job and consequently helps keep the house squeaky clean.

Make your home germ-resistant this monsoon by choosing anti-bacterial tiles, available in a plethora of designs and shades, you can choose the one which suits your desired space best, be it indoor application or exteriors.

The entire range of Somany anti-bacterial tiles is available at all Somany display centres, exclusive showrooms and dealers’ showrooms across the country. Available in sizes of 300x600, these tiles are comfortably priced at a range of Rs 35 – 45 per sq ft. There are series like Corum, Frost, Idealwood, Cosmos, Folio, consisting of three-four products in each series.