Man takes revenge after 20 years

Man takes revenge after 20 years

Chandraveer Singh was barely six when his family was humiliated in full public view, and was kicked out of its native village of Ghumra in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district, by the panchayat after his father’s name cropped up in the killing of a fellow villager, though the charges were never proved.

Although he was a little child then, he could understand that the main culprit behind the ouster and humiliation of his father and the family was Kedar Singh, a resident of the same village, who considered Chandraveer’s father his rival.

Chandraveer’s family shifted to Fatehpur village and though his parents never talked about their humiliation and subsequent ouster, Chandraveer could never forget the scene, which haunted him all these years. As he grew up, the anger only increased.

He, however, got his chance after so many years. And last month killed all the members of Kedar’s family, one by one, in a carefully executed plan.

After growing up, Chandraveer turned to petty crimes. He had formed a gang of his own. He had also befriended Kedar giving him an impression that he did not nurture any ill will against him and had forgotten the past completely.

A fortnight back, Chandraveer took Kedar to a secluded place and strangled him to death with the help of his three accomplices after making him drink liquor. Kedar’s body was recovered a few days later by the police near Barhan in the district.

Kedar’s wife, who had no idea that his husband had been killed by Chandraveer, in the mean time, requested him to trace Kedar and he assured her that he would find him out soon.

A week ago, Chandraveer went to Kedar’s house on the pretext of discussing some family matter. He took Kedar’s wife to the roof of her house and killed her.