Aiyar asks Maken for a copy of his communication with PM

Aiyar asks Maken for a copy of his communication with PM

"I have written to Mr Maken to say that would he please authenticate the newspaper reports or would he alternatively send me an authentic copy of his communication with Prime Minister," Aiyar, a Rajya Sabha MP, told reporters here after addressing a conference of Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICC).

On his next course of action, Aiyar said, "After I get a response from him (Maken), I will give any further comment."

Maken made the observations after the PM sought a report from him following media reports that Aiyar had warned the government about squandering of money by the CWG Organising Committee (OC) chaired by Suresh Kalmadi.

Maken's report which was made public under the RTI Act shows that he had strongly criticized Aiyar and had said, "Aiyar, as minister in-charge for about two years ironically played an irreparable obstructionist role that led to inordinate delays resulting in huge cost and time over runs."

In a letter to the PM dated July 8, 2011, Maken had said, "Even as Shri Aiyar kept presenting a rosy picture to the PM about the progress in infrastructure preparedness, he actually did everything to hinder and obstruct work which eventually led to delays and huge cost escalations."

Terming Aiyar's claims that he had forewarned PM on cost escalations as "frivolous", Maken said it needs factual verification.