QWhat is an ideal vegetarian diet plan for a 21-year old male (height: 5.8 feet), to reduce flab on the waist by 1.5 inches, and increase height by at least 2 inches?

AThe mid-riff is one of the most difficult areas to tone down. It is important that you not only improve the quality of your food, but also reduce the quantity while seeing to it that you get active.

Starting with your daily food intake, have three servings of vegetables (green leafy veggies, salad — rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals), two servings of fruit (keep them seasonal and eat them whole — don’t juice them!), six servings of whole grain cereals (brown rice, wholewheat chapathi, ragi — rich in energy, B-vitamins and fibre), two serves of low fat milk and milk products (skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt, low fat cheese — rich in protein and Vitamin A), 1-2 serves of lentils (dals, sprouts — rich in vitamin, minerals, non-available protein).

It’s always a good idea to mix your whole wheat cereals with your source of protein as they complement each other making it a complete protein. Remember, the cereal has to be whole and not refined for this to happen. Stay away from alcohol, as that is your biggest enemy when it comes to waist reduction.

Try and go for a daily 30-minute brisk walk (if you are unable to take that time out, you can do it three times over the day for 10 minutes each), walk to the local shops, carry your groceries back instead of using the trolley, take the stairs instead of the elevator, join your friends for a game of football, go for a swim.

To really target and tone the waist, you can start doing crunches (two sets of 15) and doing the plank (lie horizontal to the floor, propped up by the elbows and stay in that position for at least one minute) every day.