Now, Sagar to have an anti-naxal unit

Now, Sagar to have an anti-naxal unit

200-acre stretch of land identified for establishment of academy

SP Murughan told the media that 200 acre land has been identified on the outskirts of Sagar for establishment of the academy. Also, a proposal has been submitted to the district administration in this regard. The district administration has responded to the proposal positively and the land acquisition process is likely to commence shortly.

Earlier, the plan was to use the infrastructure of KIOCL and establish the academy in Kudremukh. However, the plan was changed and it was decided to establish the academy in Shikaripur, for the sole reason that it is represented by the chief minister. The State government also made a statement in this regard in the Assembly. Yeddyurappa’s generosity towards his home constituency with regard to the issue was much discussed.

Police officers were also unhappy with the decision, as Shikaripur is not located in the prospective zone of the armed Maoists and the place is not connected with anti-Naxal operations.

Non-availability of land in Shikaripur is cited as the reason for the shifting of the academy to Sagar. The topography of the latter is comparatively conducive for training in guerrilla warfare and combat operations. Along with anti-Naxal operations, the proposed academy will be fashioned into a centre, where police personnel will be trained to counter the challenges posed by other extremist groups. In addition to this, police personnel who undergo basic training in the existing training centres will be asked to undergo a capsule course here on anti-terrorist operations.

At least 200 acre land is required to have the training facilities and its related comprehensive infrastructure. It is for these reasons that Sagar has scored over Shikaripur. Strategically too Sagar is ideal for the establishment of the academy, as it is located close to the Naxal infested region, thereby enabling the easy movement of troops during eventualities.