Suncorp's India outsourcing plans attract workers union's ire

Suncorp's India outsourcing plans attract workers union's ire

Outsourcing companies World Network Services and Genpact are in Australia assessing Suncorp workplaces for jobs that could be offshored to their India offices, according to an Australian Associated Press (AAP) report, quoting Leon Carter, the National Secretary of Australia's Finance Sector Union (FSU).

Carter expressed disappointment with the company's plans, pointing out that Queensland-based Suncorp had been lauded for its speedy response to claims lodged in the wake of the floods that devastated the province this summer.

"While they have people putting signs up in front of their yards to promote the company based on its values, they would send thousands of workers to the dole queues," he said.
"For the same company to turn around and say to that dedicated, loyal group of workers, 'To make an extra few dollars, we are doing to sack between two and three thousand of you', is completely unforgivable," Carter said.

"Suncorp did the right thing throughout the Queensland floods, because our members worked their butts off," he exclaimed.

Carter also said if the offshoring plan was executed, this would be the first time that an Australian company sends its insurance claim processing roles overseas.