Grooving the night away

Grooving the night away

balle balle!

Mount Carmel College organised a rockshow and an afterparty titled Desi Grooves in association with a local radio channel on day three of Iris, their inter-class cultural competitions. The first part of the day saw two acts — Scrambled Eggs, the in-house band and Illuminati, one of the more celebrated semi-pro acts in the City.

The obviously excited Scrambled Eggs, who opened for Illuminati, is a four piece band with Meera Sankar on lead vocals, Priya Kurian on rhythm guitar, Nevita Lewis on lead guitar and Roshni Hormusjee on drums. “We like to put our own spin on songs, but if that doesn’t work then we try and play them as close to the original as possible. We haven’t started composing our own songs as yet. It’s so rare to have an all girls rock band,” said Priya speaking about the band.

Asked to comment on opening for Illuminati, Meera confessed, “It was intimidating and scary. There were some technical difficulties. The stage monitors weren’t loud enough.”

The fans though
didn’t seem to notice. Voicing popular opinion Swathi Vinod said, “Amazing. I loved the songs. I like Meera’s poses and the way she modulates her voices.”  Scrambled Eggs came together less than a year ago and if the loud applause at MCC was anything to go by, then the band is a hit, already. 

Illuminati’s Ravish on guitars, Yadu on drums, Shubhodeep on bass and Venky on vocals finally took stage.

Porcupine tree, Coldplay, The Doors, and even Junkyard Groove found space on their songlist. Roadhouse Blues seemed to be the most popular choice of the day with even Illuminati choosing to cover it. The cover wasn’t much to right home about and the band wasn’t as tight as they usually are.

The day ended on a high note with a basement afterparty with DJ Sameer and RJ Anjaan. The MJ themed day three saw very little of the King of Pop but a whole lot of Desi Girls dancing to Bachana Ye Haseeno. “MCC, make some noise,” said RJ Anjaan and boy did they ever. You  could barely hear the music over the screaming. From bhangra to ballet, from tango to tapang, every sort of dance form was used to create something new. Pooja stopped for a second to scream, “We’re having a great time. I love Anjaan’s show.
Listen to it every day.”

Amidst signing autographs, DJ Sameer took a moment to say, “It’s the second year we’re coming to play at MCC. There’s a lot of energy, even more than at night clubs. So as a DJ it’s been a great pleasure.”
Great music, a great party, free food and a chance to hang out with their favourite Band, RJ and DJ all in one day, no wonder the girls seemed to be having such a good time.