Massage magic

Massage magic


International health tourism has taken off in India like never before. While diagnostic centres and super specialty hospitals are attracting patients from all over the world, Ayurveda, yoga and pranayama have millions of takers these days. Yet, It is the spas and massage centres that are ruling the roost.

The age-old custom of the traditional oil bath has manifested itself in new avatars in the cities, towns and even small villages of India. The virtues of the tradition practised since times immemorial across the sub-continent have earned a new lease of life as people are re-discovering its multifarious advantages.

For those of you who steer clear of the edible lubricant because you are afraid of its cholesterol escalating powers, it is mandatory to be aware of its multi-dimensional assets. Besides being a medium of cooking, the sticky liquid can work wonders from top to toe when used appropriately.

An average Indian’s rendezvous with edible oils begins at birth. New-born babies are rubbed over with oil to fill them with strength. The oil may vary from region to region and the herbs and spices used to fortify the oil may vary according to specific needs but the basic idea of the oil bath remains the same.

For instance, Keralites resort to warm coconut oil while, the Tamils use sesame oil predominantly, castor oil rules over Andhra while most North Indians use mustard oil. Sandal, neem, eucalyptus, bhringi among other herbal oils are generally mixed with the main oil to arrive at the desired results.

The massage ritual involves a lot of time, patience and expertise on the part of both the masseur and the receiver. It is not just a luxurious indulgence for the rich and lazy.  It has been proved beyond doubt that systematic massages at regular intervals can do a world of good to us physically, mentally and spiritually.

The benefits of massage therapy can be multifold. It is a well known fact that a good massage rendered by experts in the field can relieve tension and stiffness. It can reduce stress and anxieties and help one to relax in a very natural manner.  Massages aimed at specific regions in the body can release toxins and also nourish the skin and maintain the oil quotient in balance. Regular massage followed up by yoga or simple exercises can increase flexibility because the act improves blood circulation and the movement of lymphatic fluids.

Continual use of systematic massage will not only reduce blood pressure but will also strengthen the immune system. Untoward episodes of pain and swelling can be set right when rubbed with oil in the right way. Strained muscles and sprained ligaments can be resolved with an oil massage.

The simplest of headaches to a serious spinal cord problem can be set right when expert magical fingers work on the affected person.  Our ancient sages had perfected the art of preparing special oils to treat musculo-skeletal problems in an era sans science and technology.  Warm oil massage on the scalp can encourage hair growth and relieve one of headaches and tension.

If one takes a steam bath or washes the body with very hot water post massage, it opens up the pores on the skin and leaves the body well lubricated and moisturised for a long time to come.

Now that the virtues of a good massage are known, one will do well to indulge in the luxury once in a while and reap a rich harvest of good health. In fact, 80-90% of the ailments that make people rush to a doctor can be overcome with the indigenous methodology.