'Bhagavan swayam' - Lord Sri Krishna

'Bhagavan swayam' - Lord Sri Krishna


e is the baby of Yashoda, even as He is the father of Brahma, the creator of this worlds. Purandara dasa in his Kriti on Lord Krishna says, Jagadodhharana Maga Nentha Thiliyutha Yashodha treated Him, the saviour of the whole worlds, as her little baby, chiding Him for His pranks and mischief, embracing Him to her heart’s content. Sages wonder at the divine fortune of Yashoda, to mother Him, the one who permeates all beings.

They all wonder what meritorious deeds she must have done to enjoy that status to be able to see the beautiful form, tender and fresh like a blue-lotus lying next to her, waiting to be suckled by her. Yashoda stands as the most exalted figures in the scriptures as she had the experience of caressing the lovely limbs of baby Krishna again and again, filling her mind in highest joy. The form of Lord Krishna is known by the knowers as condensed form of pure bliss.

When He was about to be born, the minds of sages were overpowered by the impending good that is going to happen to the worlds it seems, a foreboding that their benign wishes are going to be fulfiled, because Lord Krishna is a veritable ocean of mercy kaarunya sindhu.

It is said Lord Krishna’s is a poornaavtara the incarnation where in He displays all the attributes and mystic powers of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna, even with His casual glance sprinkles effulgence of sun and moon, with His majestic form is supposed to have created demi-gods, when he speaks, crores of Universes emerge and His exhalation as pure breaths spring Vedas. He is the parama purusha, the supreme. In Bhagavata, He is described as Bhagavan swayam God Himself ! Men in their foolishness call Him a womanizer, enjoyer of physical pleasures with many women. There are jnana-bhakti and prema-bhakti, both burn up ignorance with equal potency. Gopikas adopted the pure form of prema-bhakti to get merged in Him. Actually, Lord Krishna is called brahmachari, not with the gross, mundane meaning. He is the one who is always in communion with brahman, He himself is parabrahman.

Gokulashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated as the harbinger of welfare, as the symbol announcing good over evil. Every household celebrating this festival, will have the rangoli of small feet entering their house drawn, depicting Lord Krishna’s auspicious entry into their houses. His feet are those unto which every votary prostrates for salvation, because His feet are the origin for Ganga. His feet are worshiped by Indra and other deities, His feet are the ones which covered the whole Universe in two steps, His feet are the ones that gave back the form to Ahalya. His feet are the ones that are refuge for humans here and here after.

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