QWhat is the correct method of doing a facial at home? I only use natural ingredients like gramflour, curd, etc.  Can I do a weekly facial? What is a scrub? Can I do it daily?

You can have a weekly facial, but you should follow a daily routine according to your skin type. If the skin is oily, a scrub may be used daily. However, scrubs should not be applied on pimples, acne or rash; If the skin is dry, a scrub may be used once a week; If the skin is very dry and sensitive, avoid scrubs.

For a home facial, start by cleansing the skin, using a cleanser. While the skin is still damp, apply a facial scrub for deep pore cleansing.  You can also use home ingredients, like almond meal, oats, or rice flour. Add a little curd or rose water and apply on the skin. Rub the skin gently with it and then wash off with plain water.

If you have a normal to dry skin, apply nourishing cream, wet your hands with water and massage the cream into the skin, using outwards and upwards strokes. Continue the massage for three to four minutes and wipe your skin with a damp cotton wool or a clean, moist face towel. 

Next, apply a face mask. You can use your gramflour and curd face mask. Avoid lips and the area around the eyes. Take two cotton wool pads and soak them in chilled rosewater, and use as eye pads.  Wash off mask after 30 minutes. Then give a cold compress with cotton and chilled rose water. For normal to dry skin, apply moisturiser.