Corporator wants Palike to hasten garbage disposal

Corporator wants Palike to hasten garbage disposal

Gangadhara appealed to BBMP engineer (Lakes and Environment) B V Satish to increase the number of sanitation workers and vehicles deputed for garbage clearance at the earliest. However, he was told to wait for a month in view of the new contract, which the official believed “would improve the situation.”

As a temporary measure, Satish assured the corporator of sending extra vehicles and deploying some more sanitation workers in the Rajagopal Nagar ward. His ward falls under Dasarahalli Assembly constituency where the menace has raised its head in the ugliest form. Corporator of T Dasarahalli ward, Puttamma, too complains of the garbage pile-up in her ward.

“We have been complaining of irregular collection of garbage from our ward but there is none to offer us any remedy,” she said.

Besides stray dogs, the second most common sight is mounds of garbage in the constituency. The garbage segregation points in many areas of Dasarahalli look like garbage dumping yard where ragpickers and dogs rummage through, and in the process litter garbage.

Stray dog menace

Residents complain that stray dog menace has increased manifold at segregation sites and door-to-door garbage collection in the area had gone haywire. Manohar H N, a resident of Dasarahalli area says, “Garbage collection is irregular here. As a result, garbage piles up at home and street corners. Vacant sites have become the choicest places for dumping all the waste leading to the growth of weeds.”

Due to irregular collection, people dump garbage into drains, choking them and resulting in stagnation of filthy water.