Forest department takes up novel projects

Forest department takes up novel projects

It is providing incentives to framers for the number of trees grown

Kundapur division ACF Manjunath Shetty informed Deccan Herald that many programmes are being introduced by the Forest department to grow trees in the barren land as well in the fields owned by the farming community. It is an attempt to make public more conscious regarding the priceless values of trees and plants. The department is supporting people to come forward to grow trees in their land and fields. As a means of support, the department is providing incentives to the framers on the number of trees that are grown. Children are also made part of the green awareness campaign adopted by the department, he added.

Another programme taken up by the Forest Department is to cultivate the interest among farming community to develop trees in their respective fields is slowly getting shape. The mega project supports a farmer with finance for growing a tree in his land. Under this programme, a farmer should register in Kreshi Swasahaya Yojane supporting agro forestry by paying Rs 10. He should give the proof of RTC and sketch of his land during the process of registration. As many as maximum 400 seedlings can be given per hectare land holdings.

A farmer is given the seedlings at concession rates. He has to pay Re 1 for 5.8 inches seedling, Rs 1.5 for 1.9 inches seedling and Rs 3 for 8.12 inches seedling. After the completion of one year, if the farmer is able to maintain the seedlings, he bought under the programme, he will be paid Rs 10 per seedling. In the second year, he will receive Rs 15 per sapling and in the third year he will receive Rs 20 per sapling. Altogether, he is entitled for a sum of Rs 45 as supportive incentives for his concern and care towards growing the saplings offered to him under the programme. However, financial support is only offered to the local species and he is not paid if he has preferred growing seedlings of acacia and eucalyptus. As many as four farmers have come forward to register themselves under this programme in the district. 

Shetty informed that the government is contemplating on the measures approaching agricultural universities asking them to grow grafted seedlings like grafter mango. The Government will pay the expenses incurred under the project of supporting grafting of the seedlings. This programme is yet to be implemented.

The programme “Shalegondu Vana and Maguvigondu Mara” has made progress and the department is succeeded in covering many numbers of schools under the project. Shetty informed that as many as 4,323 seedlings have been already distributed to the schools since the inception of the project. About 8,172 school children are provided with the saplings to take home for planting. The seedlings are given to the students from 8th standard. The department is concentrating on the schools that have good compound walls and most of the schools that have come forward have enough space of land and a strong compound wall to develop the saplings, he added.