Accolades pour in for gritty Arvind

Accolades pour in for gritty Arvind

All of them are delighted to see that the hard work and consistency of the Karnataka lad have been rewarded.

J Srinath: I am delighted for Arvind, and his selection was along expected lines. His consistency has been rewarded. I am also glad that the selectors have kept faith in Vinay. Hopefully one day, Mithun too will get back into the Indian squad.

Sanath Kumar (former Karnataka coach): I was always sure that he’ll get into Indian team one day, and now I am very happy for him. He has been a very consistent performer for Karnataka over the last season, and in the IPL too he has done well. It’s a reward for his excellent work ethics, and willingness to improve.

Ray Jennings (RCB coach): Arvind is a guy with vast potential, someone who has the skills to play for India. I am sure he will do well for the country, and he has shown his potential for Royal Challengers in the last IPL.

Venkatesh Prasad: They say looks can be deceptive, and it’s hundred percent true in the case of Arvind. You might think that Arvind is just jogging in and bowling, but he has a cricketing brain that keeps ticking. He’s a smart thinker and a shrewd bowler. I am happy that he got his chance to play for India. He might not be quick through the air, but he’s sharp off the pitch, catching batsmen unaware. Throw in qualities like the ability to move the ball both ways, accuracy and good amount of variations like the yorker and slower ball, you will get the picture of a very fine young bowler.

R Vinay Kumar: I am very happy for him. It’s very good see his hard work getting rewarded. I know how hardworking a cricketer he is. He had a knee injury a few years back when he collided with a team-mate. It was a career-threatening injury, and it speaks volumes of his character that he has come back strongly after surgery. Personally, I am so happy to see another cricketer from Karnataka getting into the Indian team.