More with coffee

      Once, they just used to serve coffee and a few snacks, today, one gets to indulge in mini-pizzas, an array of sandwiches and desserts, which all fall into a whole new category of food called ‘cafe food’.

Coffee Day in the City recently launched a new menu to mark their 13 years of existence. Based on research, the menu was divided into various categories on the mood of hunger.
    In the brews, one can find the Cappuccino, Irish Coffee, Macchiato, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha and new items like Solar Eclipse, Caramel Sin, Devils Own, Kappi Nirvana etc. As for the food options, one has a choice between Small Eats, Big Eats and Munch Along.
Under the Small Eats, you have the Veg Samosa, Mocha Muffin, Choco Brownie and Chicken Hot Dog, while from the Big Eats, you can pick Paneer Tikka Sandwich, Chicken Chettinad Surprise, Mirchi Masala Chatka etc.

There is also something for the health-conscious too with items like Garden Salad Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich and Carrot Nut Cake. You can munch along items like Cookies, Potato Stix or Banana Bites.

   In addition to all this, the place also offers a range of coffee powders that one can take away.

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