In Time

In Time

Into the utopian world

Enter a world you never had seen or imagined before even in your wildest dreams. A world where time is a currency to buy all commodities and also a key to survive.

Also into a world where the utopia of being young forever and to be immortal seems hardly a fantasy.

The sci-fi movie will take you to this kind of never-imagined world where ageing culminates at 25, but one can live beyond that only if they can afford to buy time, an easy job for the millionaires who have lots of the currency.

The movie commences with Will Salas (Justin Timberlake), a poor guy struggling to live beyond 25 due to shortage of the so called currency time.

Surprisingly, he meets a rich guy (Henry Hamilton) having  mammoth currency which he willingly gives him because Salas saves him from hooligans and preferrs to die the next day.

Salas also meets Amanda Seyfried, the only daughter of a millionaire brought up in a high-fi lifestyle.

The smoothly moving story takes a U-turn when the time keepers and intelligence agencies begin hunting Salas.

Appreciable combination of car chases, action and parallelly developing love throughout the film.

In time also poses questions on the rich poor disparity, the resource exploitation and also on the survival of the fittest.

A wonderful option for the weekend to see a world far different from reality for a change.