Tout menace rampant in RTOs

Tout menace rampant in RTOs

Just take a stroll around the BDA Complex in Indira Nagar and within ten minutes you would have learnt everything about the motor vehicle. Plus you would be sure to get the driving licence.

The route to obtain driving licence has become shorter thanks to touts who are active here.

All you have to pay is Rs 6,000 and you would be sure to get the driving licence (DL) posted to your address. Those who know driving can pay less money.


When this reporter, in need of a driving licence visited the BDA Complex, he was offered ‘shortcuts’ to get the licence by Sharif, a tout.

“Pay Rs 600 to get a form for learners’ licence (on the same day) and Rs 1,000 to get learner’s licence (LLR) without the written test,” said Sharif, who also works in a furniture shop inside the complex. However, Sharif said there was no was to get a DL without taking a test. But, there were a few others who readily offered to do the job for Rs 6,000.

“Learner’s licence will cost around Rs 3,000. If you pay Rs 6,000, within weeks you will get the DL with a government stamp mailed to your home address,” claimed Mahesh (name changed).

He fixed the place and day to give the money.

‘Officials are aware of it’

When asked whether it would be risky and if one would get caught by officials, Mahesh quickly added: “The officials are aware of it. Without them how will we work? The driving licence will not be a fake one. Nothing to worry.”  

But the RTO seemed to be not doing much to check the menace.

 Two years ago, the department cracked down on many of the touts. Shafi Ahmed, RTO Jnana Bharati, says that touts were physically taken out of RTO premises
across the City and they were not even allowed to enter the BDA complex zones.

Shafi had played a crucial role in introducing India’s first computerised and camera-recorded driving licence test zones.

The move has helped a lot in eliminating touts, says Shafi.

“If the government wants, all RTOs can have computerised tests, but our officers also need to take the initiative,” he said.

He praised the efforts of the department for bringing down the number of touts two years ago. He felt that similar initiative must be taken up again to check the menace.

In reality, RTOs charge Rs 20 for a learners’ licence.

After a month, the driving test costs Rs 250 for getting the DL.

The DL is supposed to reach the applicant through post within 30 days of passing the field test.