A dazzling array of colours

A dazzling array of colours

New Collection

Elegant: Vishal and Harshika.

The store, which specialises in handicrafts, Dhokra art, tribal paintings, woodcraft, leather and cotton items, jute products and Gondha grass items, has now added Kuchai and tussar silk products to its latest collection.

The launch of this new collection also included a fashion show. Models walked the ramp to showcase the new creations, which were all hand-crafted by the tribals of Kuchai, in Jharkhand. Actors Harshika Poonacha and Vishal Hegde were the showstoppers at the event.

Speaking about the designs, Harshika Poonacha said, “The Indian culture makes me feel proud. Hand-made silk saris and other garments are representative of the hard work put in by the people who weave these garments. This fashion show is distinctive from others, as it is related to hand-made garments.”

Neha Ramesh, a model, added, “The introduction of Jharkhand culture to South India is a positive move. The materials displayed here are colourful, traditional yet modern and stylish. They are very comfortable to wear.”

In reference to the handicrafts, Mukesh Gope, regional manager of Jharcraft, South India, said, “We provide employment and support around 10,000 families in Jharkhand. This is organised to encourage the sericulture industry, and also encourage the craftsmen to come up with rich designs and colours.” He added, “There is also a social cause attached to the encouragement of the craftsmen and artisans. As the rate of anti-social activities like Naxalism is higher in Jharkhand, these activities of craftsmanship and artisanship keep people occupied and provide employment to them.”

The emporium has a wide collection of both traditional textiles as well as western outfits. Tejinder Singh, a regular customer at Jharcraft, said, “There are unique collections of tussar silk garments and block-printed suits here, which are not regularly available in the market. I am satisfied shopping here, as the price of the textile is very reasonable. It is also a good place to shop for gifts, as it has a collection of crafts which brings out the creativity of the craftsmen.”

The customers also like the fact that Jharcraft has a wide variety of textiles and handicrafts under one roof. Shankar S K, one such customer, said, “There is a satisfaction in knowing that these collections promote the welfare of the tribals. The designs and range of colours of tussar, eri and Kuchai silk material give a new outlook to the wardrobe.”