Kingfisher assures DGCA not more than 3 planes will be out of use

Kingfisher assures DGCA not more than 3 planes will be out of use

Pointing out that Kingfisher Airlines has sent a reply explaining why its aircraft were not flying, DGCA head Bharat Bhushan told reporters that the airline has given reconfiguration of the planes as the reason.

"As part of the plans of reconfiguration of their aircraft, they are planning to reconfigure about 30 aircraft by putting business class seats," Bhushan told reporters.

"They have promised that at any given point of time not more than three aircraft would be out of use and they expect this whole process to be completed in four months time," he added.

The government has sought an explanation from the airlines about how they were using the slots alloted to them as mass cancellation affects the passengers.

Bhushan said some of the replies from the airlines have been received by DGCA and it was found that Kingfisher Airlines was not using 35 per cent of its slots, which "is a large number".

DGCA insisted that despite Kingfisher Airlines' assurance, it has been asked how it is going to reconfigure with just three of its aircraft not being in service.

"If they are going to have 30 aircraft reconfigured, how is it that only three aircraft will be involved in it at any given point of time? So, they have been asked to submit more details," Bhushan said.

Bhushan said DGCA has received some "interim replies" and is waiting for more details.

He said though for the other two airlines no flight cancellations were foreseen but they too have been asked to submit details.

"When the schedule for winter was approved, it was with immediate effect. So, we took a stock of the position yesterday and found that the airlines were not operating as per its schedule. So, on that basis we asked them to explain," Bhushan said.

The DGCA said if the airlines were found not operating the slots, these will be given to others who are willing to operate "regardless of who it is".