'NPCL aims at helping local people'

'NPCL aims at helping local people'

He was speaking after formally inaugurating the innovation centre and the Technology Business Incubator of Manipal University of Technology.

He said that the NPCL has done many community welfare work in Kundankulam where the proposed nuclear plant is being set up. A township is being built with the preferential approach towards local people’s involvement in the area wherever the nuclear plant is constructed, he informed.

He said unfortunately there have been some apprehensions over the proposed Kundankulam nuclear power plant in the backdrop of Fukushima nuclear crisis, which took place due to Tsunami that hit Japan.

“Fukushima nuclear crisis has not killed even a single person. It was Tsunami which claimed lives there. Unfortunately the issue of nuclear crisis was highlighted more than the massive killer waves. As a result there is a kind of negative opinion among the public towards Kundankulam nuclear power plant,” he said.

The Technology business Incubator of Manipal University of Technology is a new initiative of the University supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Students, faculty and the people of the region are encouraged by the Centre to develop innovative products in interdisciplinary areas through a talented pool of students drawn from Engineering, Health Science and Management schools.

It is basically meant to help students become entrepreneurs themselves. At present the aim is to work on organic volatile cells.