Teachers demote students to save their jobs

Teachers demote students to save their jobs

It is all numbers game to prevent merger of schools, allege parents

In a bid to save their job and to show good strength of the students in different class, the teachers have allegedly demoted students in the last one year.

The incident has come to light late when the parents are wondering about why their children are being demoted and put to lower classes when they have to be promoted to higher class. According to aggrieved parents, their wards have been demoted to lower classes for no reason but to save the jobs of teachers. Presently, there are two teachers working for the school.

The education department guidelines call for merging of the school to other school when the number of students is less than 10. While, head mistress Khathun Bi and teacher Sameen Shaheen are alleged of showing deceptive numbers to ensure the school they worked did not merge with other school. The teachers demoted students to show  the number, parents allege.

For instance, a student Ayesha Bhanu who was studying in class III in 2009-10 has been demoted to class II in 2010-11. While, class II students Mansoor Ali Khan and Syed Salman, have been demoted to class I in 2010-11. Sumaya Bhanu, Roohi, Salma are sitting in class IV for the second year exposing the ill intention of the teachers.

The government rules says that if there are less than 10 students, the school should have one teacher. But, the teachers duo in Kirangur, to ensure they stayed in the same school have put the future of these students at risk. The teachers have been cheating the education department showing more attendance than the actual strength of the school. And, it has been happening since past three years, the parents said.

When contacted head mistress Khatun Bi told Deccan Herald that there are eleven students in the school. However, the class rooms showed 13 students and many appeared higher primary and high school students.

Shockingly, the education department officials are oblivious to the development in the school. BEO K Jagadish said as per the government rule, no student should be debarred or demoted till class IX. If the students are poor in academics, they have to be provided with compensatory lessons, he said.

He adds that children having an attendance of 220 days in a year should be compulsorily promoted to higher classes. But, the official is unaware of irregularity in Kirangur school.