Hot from the oven

Hot from the oven

Bakery items

If you zip by a little too fast, there are chances you might miss this beautiful bakery adorned with delicious breads and cakes. Extremely popular among the residents of this area and surrounding places like Lingarajapuram, Richards Park and Banaswadi, Cafe Da Costa is known for its fresh pastries and sumptuous buns. Not to mention the variety of rolls, puffs and doughnuts available here.

The place was opened by Afzal around three years ago. As Afzal had worked in the food and beverage industry earlier, he came up with the idea of starting a place that would sell short-eats. The enterprise is now run by him and his wife Ameeru. One can choose from a range of fresh breads like garlic bread, coin bun/pav, cheese bread, croissants, breadsticks to name a few. Besides, the cafe is known for its delicious, soft and luscious pastries like death by chocolate, German pie, apple pie, butterscotch pastry, fudge tart, chocolate mousse etc. Spider cake, which consists of chocolate mousse with web-like designs, is a huge favourite among kids.

For those with not much of a sweet tooth, there are puffs and rolls like egg puff and vegetable and chicken rolls to name a few. Plain and chocolate doughnuts are available here as well. Foodies can also relish the authentic Mangalorean delight — the sanna with a choice of chicken, fish or prawn curry. Homemade and neatly packed in boxes, these are economical and tasty at the same time.

“We keep the needs of the health-conscious in mind. Apart from selling whole wheat bread, we add walnuts and dates to some of the dry cakes to increase their nutritional value,” adds Ameeru.  Cafe Da Costa is abuzz with customers all day long. Sanjeev, Nikita, Hannah and Johannah are four youngsters, who come here regularly and simply love the cafe. “We live nearby so we come here often,” says Hannah. “The food is clean and the ambience is great. The cakes here are really tasty and we get all our birthday cakes from here only,” say Sanjeev and Johannah.

“I just love the veg kadai roll and the chicken pepper roll here,” adds Sanjeev.
The cafe also undertakes party orders and is open from 11 am to 11 pm.

Cafe Da Costa is located on 194, Wheeler Road Extension, St Thomas Town. For details, call 25490345.