Two outfits trying to gain mileage

Two outfits trying to gain mileage

The developments indicate that both organisations are trying to use the issue for their own end.

 The reiteration by SVS College principal Dr Seetharam Mayya that he was under pressure to ban headscarf in the college premises clearly indicates that an Hindu organisation was exerting pressure on him to implement the ban. The fact that a Muslim organisation cleverly "used" the media to make headlines establishes that these organisations are trying to prove that they are strong and have firm control over the developments. Sources said that student Aysha Ashmin and Bharath, who allegedly warned Aysha against wearing scarf, are only two pawns of a grand plan strongly supported by two fundamental organisations.
What has made these organisations to make an issue out of a non-issue? "Perhaps, blind beliefs or the prestige issue", says a professor who does not want to be named.

"Bharath would not have pressurised Aysha without the strong support of the ABVP. Likewise, but for the support of Jamat-e-Islami, Aysha would not have gone to media persons and later to the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Commissioner," opined a student leader.

Massive protest
Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening a few student bodies came together under the banner "Dakshina Kannada Students' Federation," to hold a massive protest against the College. A press release stated that Student Islamic Organisation, Student Federation of India, National Students' Union of India and Girls' Islamic Organisation would take part.

However, it is learnt that Student Federation of India is planning to stay away from the protest.

A student leader said that a few students were planning to wear saffron shawls, if the principal gave permission to Muslim girls to wear burqa or scarf.