'I have a huge appetite for food'

'I have a huge appetite for food'

Perfect model

'I have a huge appetite for food'

Lakshmi Rana

But she says that whatever she does has to be nothing less than perfect and the result must be big. Success hasn’t come easy to this tall, lanky model with sharp looks and an ever sharper eyes. It’s hard work and more hard work that’s got her this far.  

When Lakshmi majored in Maths and Physics, modelling was the last thing on her mind. But when her parents pushed her to try her luck on the ramp, she told herself that her launch must be a big one.

Lakshmi spoke to Metrolife about things that have made her who she is and attributes the composure in her persona to her confidence.

Ten years in the industry, Lakshmi says that she sees modelling as nothing  more than a profession. “Modelling gives you the chance to travel and meet different people. But you also have a lot of free time when you don’t have shows. I take it easy and there are a lot of other things that I do on the side,” says Lakshmi. She does online stock trading in her spare time and hopes to start something on her own pretty soon. “Trading is no easy task. I have created my own account and it’s interesting to do stock trade. You have to have a knack for it and keep a track of what’s happening in the market,” she adds.

Lakshmi says she likes to keep things simple. “I believe that as I grow, I need to add more dimensions to my life, explore and exploit my every talent to the hilt. This keeps me going,” she observes.  But how does she manage to stay fit? “I never skip a meal or stay hungry. I have a huge appetite for food. I stay away from fried stuff but I always fill myself with something healthy. I stick to a strict food regime. And to burn all of that I run,” she adds.

Lakshmi has been married to an army officer for the last six years but she says that nothing much has changed after their wedding. “My husband is very supportive. He knows my profession. I am as committed to my role as a homemaker as I am to my profession. I never mix the two,” she sums up.