Vivid traditions under one roof

Vivid traditions under one roof

Communal harmony

Fundraisers were held as part of this function and the funds raised from these will be used to support children who were left destitute due to communal violence.

Staff, parents and students of MBA and MSc courses wore ethnic clothes and participated enthusiastically in the programme. Students spoke on what communal harmony meant to them. Mohammed Samaan of Bhatkal, a first year MBA student represented his community. “I am proud to stand in front of a huge multi-lingual community and share the practices of my culture,” he said.

Said Manish Kumar, an MSc micro-biology student, “Lasting harmony between communities can only come through recognition of the oneness of mankind. It is a realisation that the differences that divide us among ethnic and religious lines have no foundations.”
 Mohammed Muiz, another MBA student, felt, “Unity in our country does not mean the kind of oneness that comes from racial and cultural similarity. It is unity in spite of great differences.”

Dr Lakshmikanth, a lecturer from the department of biotechnology, was one of the coordinators of this programme. “Our country has different cultures and religions. It’s just like a rainbow which has different colours yet the same origin of light. All religions preach love and peace. Today, there is a need to create awareness among younger generations regarding national integration and communal harmony and teach them the mantra ‘live and let live’ because we are all one.”

The function concluded with the National Anthem sung with a lot of patriotism.