Studying in India

Studying in India

Studying in India

Think, before you choose a career

Dear Sir,
My aunt, aged 38, is interested in pursuing an MA in Education through a correspondence course. She has completed a BSc in Sericulture and now intends to study further. She is currently teaching in a school for primary students. Where can she pursue the above-mentioned course? 

Dear Gouri,
It is nice of her to have the motivation for higher studies even after many years of job experience.  MA in Education is available through Open Universities such as Vinayak Mission, (, Alagappa University, ( and others. Karnataka State Open University offers a
PG Diploma in Education, ( Minimum qualification is a degree in any stream.  It will open up prospects for her to get into the management of education or schools, which is a fast-developing field.

Dear Sir,
I am a PUC I year student and I scored low marks in my Math test this year, which prevents me from moving to the next year. I will be sitting for the exams again this year. When I sit down to study, I cannot concentrate. I wish to become an engineer one day. Please help.

Dear Anonymous,
If your difficulty is only in Math, and you are doing fairly in Physics and Chemistry, then do get proper coaching in that subject, use proven techniques for improving concentration, such as meditation, yoga, mind-mapping, and maintain strict discipline in your study pattern and time management. On the other hand, if you are faring poorly in all the core subjects, then perhaps you need to reconsider your ambition of becoming an engineer, and explore other alternatives that do not require mathematics.

Dear Sir,
I completed PUC II in the Commerce stream in 2011. I am interested in pursuing a Diploma in Automobile Engineering but my parents have opposed the idea as they fail to see the scope in this career. They insist I join a BBM, degree course. What should I do?
Joe Roberts

Dear Joe,
If you have scored fairly well in PUC Commerce and have enjoyed learning the subjects, it will certainly help if you could take up a degree course, either BBM, or any other one of your choice (Remember that you are also eligible for BCom, BCA, BA, BFA, BHM, LL.B and many others). No one can predict your salary, but if you are good at what you do and are a qualified graduate of a recognised university, you will not only get an entry-level job, you can also study further and upgrade yourself eventually.

Dear Sir,
I am a second-year, pre university student. I am interested in Management studies after this. What are the courses offered in this stream and which exams should I sit for?

Dear Shreyas,
At degree level, you can opt for either a general management course like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), or specialised management like BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management), Bachelor of Marketing Management, etc.  If you are not clear about your eventual specialisation within management, then it is better to take up a general management degree, and then specialise at the post-graduation level.

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the first semester of an engineering degree in Information Science but I am not happy with the course. I wanted to take up medicine, but couldn’t crack it as I didn’t make the cut-off. Can I give the CET again? Where are the application forms available?
Bhavana V Murthy

Dear Bhavna,
It is very sad that often we think of medicine and engineering as the only two lucrative careers, and hence, when you did not get admission in medicine you took up engineering.  Now that you are willing to give up one year and go for something you truly like and enjoy, please give it some serious thought and then get the forms (refer next year) and do appear for CET, But keep in mind that you can work in the medical and health care sector also through homeopathy, ayurveda, nursing, pharmacy, a dozen different para-medical streams, veterinary, hospital administration, etc.
Similarly, you can complete your BE in Information Science and apply technology to medical fields, or switch over to Medical Electronics, Bomedical Engineering or Biotechnology.  You have sufficient time, so make a well thought-out   decision.

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