Kishanji's death big setback for rebels: experts

Kishanji's death big setback for rebels: experts

“If the person killed is really Kishanji, then it is a big setback for them. However, the forces instead of taking it as a success should go for the kill. It is only a step forward,” said Amiya Samanta, former joint director (Intelligence Bureau) in Delhi.

Samanta said the government should also go on the offensive against the rebel movement by reaching out to the masses through development.

“The Maoists lately, have been getting disassociated from the masses. The government should continue its good work of reaching out to the people by bringing in development in the rebel affected areas,” the former Director General (Intelligence) of West Bengal police told IANS.

Former Indian Army chief General (retd.) Shankar Roychowdhury termed the killing of the rebel leader as an achievement, but said it was not the end of the Maoist movement.

“If Kishanji has really been killed then it is a big achievement for the forces. But at the same time it cannot be said to be the end of the movement. The forces instead of taking it as a success should go for the kill. Unless and until the fear of the rebels is completely wiped out from people’s mind, the job remains.

“The government should take up developmental initiatives so that they are disassociated from the masses,” said Roychowdhury. Former Additional Director General of police of West Bengal Rajat Mazumdar, lauding the security forces for the achievement, said they deserved gallantry medals.

“The way he was killed suggests that the forces had pinpointed strategic actionable information about him. There is a possibility that a close aide of Kishanji had passed on the information. It is big achievement for the forces and they should be given gallantry awards for the same.”