M M hills water woes expected to end by June 2012

M M hills water woes expected to end by June 2012

Project taken up at a cost of Rs 24 cr kindles ray of hope

Progress:The pipes dumped at the project site. Construction of Jackwell on river Cauvery.DH photos

The drinking water project has been  taken up by the state government at a cost of Rs 24 crore.

Lakhs of people visit the shrine for darshan and offering prayers to the presiding deity Madeshwara every year. Though there are lodging facilities atop the hill, drinking water crisis is haunting the devotees especially those coming from far off places were the worst hit.

The borewells sunk under minor water supply project are not helpful due to depleting water table.

The project to supply water to the hills to solve the drinking water problems at the shrine through Palar dam was taken up during the tenure of S M Krishna as the chief minister.

But the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha had approached the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal and also knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court’s verdict not to hinder the process of any drinking water project brought life to the works.

Cauvery river in this region comes under the limit of wildlife sanctuary and getting approval from the National wildlife Board also was delayed. After getting a green signal from the Board, tenders were awarded to Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board. The works were progressing at a snail’s pace at the beginning also drew flak from the devotees. Now, with the works being carried in a speedy manner has brought hope among them.

More than 50 per cent of works are complete and if the works continue at the same speed, it would complete by the end of June, say the officials here. As per the government’s order, funds amounting to Rs six crore is being donated by the temple.

Jackwells are being constructed at the Cauvery river bed near Palar dam and 22 km pipeline is being laid from the spot.

A centre of lifting water from both the sides are being constructed and a water storing unit of 90 lakh lts capacity is being built on top of the hill.

Fifty per cent of Jackwell laying works is completed and only four kilometre stretch of laying pipeline is pending.  As rocks were found on the route where the pipelines are to be laid the works have slowed down a bit.

Assistant commissioner A B Basavaraju said that the works would be completed by next June and assured devotees visiting the hill shrine would not face water problem in future.