Mayawati could be jailed for corruption: Uma Bharti

Mayawati could be jailed for corruption: Uma Bharti

"While I could be in jail for torching Walmart stores, Mayawati could be jailed for misuse of public funds and other corrupt practices," Bharti told a press conference here.

"So, in a way there's a possibility we both can share the same barrack for different causes - one for helping the poor and the other for cheating them," added Bharti. She accused Mayawati of merely projecting herself as a "saviour" of the poor and downtrodden with her "false protest" against FDI in multibrand retail.

"Her protest is just an eyewash...She (Mayawati) herself is being controlled by capitalists and involved in looting the poor people of the state...Don't draw a similarity in our protest against FDI...We could only come on a same platform in the jail barrack," said Bharti.

"Setting Walmart stores on fire would be the last option...It's wrong to say by giving such a statement I don't believe in a democratic system. I firmly believe in the democratic system. Even partners of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) are against FDI in multibrand retail," said Bharti.

She declined to accept that her controversial statement could be linked with any kind of violence. "I am among those who doesn't kill even an ant...It (the statement) should not be linked with violence," she added.

Terming Mayawati as an "enemy" of Dalits and OBCs (Other Backward Castes), Bharti said, "Despite claiming to be the custodian of Dalits' rights, she has failed to work for the people of her community and OBCs. Mayawati has even failed to deliver justice to Dalit women, who have been particularly targeted in her regime."

"Mayawati government is the most insensitive government...Like a static elephant (BSP's poll symbol), which cannot move, she also shows no sentiments for the poor and underprivileged," said Bharti.

Attacking Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi for his "ventilator" remark against the BJP, Bharti said, "As the entire country is curious to know the prime ministerial candidate from the BJP, it indicates our party would be forming the next government at the centre. In such a situation, there's no question of BJP being on a ventilator."

"Rahul Gandhi must enlighten himself by reading newspapers before giving such a statement. In fact, a person like him (Rahul Gandhi) who had termed the people of Uttar Pradesh beggars has no right to come to the state," said Bharti.

Asked whether she would be in the race to become chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Bharti said, "I don't think of chief ministership or prime ministership...I just want to do my work properly...I will continue to work as per the instructions of BJP president Nitin Gadkari."