Flying broomsticks are not scary anymore!L

Flying broomsticks are not scary anymore!L

Death Spell

Or just how many times have you heard your neighbour complain about a bunch of hair found under her pillow? If these occurrences aren’t new to you, you aren’t new to the world of black magic!

On a more positive note, Dr Seema Midha, spiritualist who also practices witchcraft says, “Witches are no longer the olden day chudails.

Witches are now scientific, well-educated and beings with super natural power who can turn a black magic spell into a positive one.”

According to Seema, who has been practicing the art of witchery for the last 20 years, witchcraft or black magic is all about mind game. She explains how. “If someone comes complaining about bad relationships, I ask them to burn a pink candle, put the photo of the person they want to have an amicable relationship with and just sit in front of the photograph for five minutes and feel the picture’s heart melt… now what is it? It’s just a way to instill confidence into a person.”

According to Seema, these exercises are there to prove that you can capture anyone’s mind that you wish to. “True!” seconds Manishaa Sherawat, who is a self-proclaimed witch and even wants to take up wicca as her profession.

“It all started off as fun. Honestly, I didn't realise about my supernatural powers till recently,” confesses this History honours graduate from Delhi University and prefers to maintain a low profile about her “powers.”

This is how it began – two years back when Manishaa realised that there was another person in class who had chances of standing first in the class–she wished that her competitor's legs be broken. To this “witch's” shock, two days later, she heard the news that her classmate’s legs were badly injured in a car accident.

“However, I really didn’t want anything bad for her! That’s when my guru advised me to use my powers positively. Since then I try “doing good”deeds’ like controlling the mind of someone who wishes to stand first in the class or getting a friend the right kind of job,” she adds.

Tantric Agnivesh Pandey, who practices astrology and numerology other than black magic goes a step further and refuses to even talk, unless you meet him personally at a time appointed by him. “It’s not a child's play we are dealing with… I never encourage people to talk to me over the phone. A meeting is a must,” he retorts.

Agnivesh boasts of a clientele from the television industry and almost half of Delhi’s power packs. His novelty? The black-robed tantric can even cast a spell over SMS and emails.

“There was a client once who wanted to sell off his property at Golf Links, however, the irony was that no one was willing to buy that property. That’s when I broke the spell that was cast in the house. The fact was that man’s wife had died there and her spirit refused to leave the house,” he informs.

So voodoo dolls and dough puppets are passé, like Agnivesh his daughter Radha Pandey too is following the footsteps of her father. While travelling between the US and India, she looks like anyone but a witch.

Dressed in cool sporty Tee and denim shorts, Radha is every bit a would-be sultry model but mistake not -- her disguising looks are that of a witch. “I have learnt wicca from my father and developed interest in it because of the sheer beauty to be able to possess what others cannot,” she shares.

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