Pursuing his many passions

Pursuing his many passions

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Pursuing his many passions

Offbeat: Luke Kenny

Actor, anchor, writer and director Luke Kenny is a multi-faceted personality. What’s most striking about him is that he plays each of his role to perfection, be it an impressive anchor or a good actor. He even went on to direct his first film 13th Floor, which released in 2006 and was screened at many international film festivals and appreciated by many.
Luke speaks to Metrolife about what inspired him to make this film, which was screened in the City last week.

“The idea came from me wanting to make a film,” he says about 13th Floor. “I had read in a newspaper about some people, who wanted to produce a film. But when I met them, it didn’t work out,” he recalls. “So my partner and I budgeted the film again, and adopted it into a digital format.” The movie was shot in a period of six days in Mumbai, and revolves around two characters, who get trapped in an elevator.

What made Luke shortlist Purab Kohli and Sandhya Mridul for the two lead roles? “I have known Purab from the Channel V days. As soon as I offered the role to him, he said ‘yes’.”

Luke then asked Purab about his choice for a female protagonist, and Purab’s answer was Sandhya Mridul. “It was a coincidence that the two of us had the same lady in mind,” says Luke.

Now his film is being screened in many cities across India including Bangalore. “When we were trying to get the movie screened in theatres, we had heard of a pub called 13th Floor in Bangalore. I felt it would be so cool to screen 13th Floor at 13th Floor. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.” Luke also remembers coming to Bangalore many a time for road shows when he was a VJ for Channel V. “I interviewed Michael Learns To Rock at Palace Grounds,” he exclaims.

Every one associates Luke with music and VJing. But did he always aspire to be film-maker? “As children, we all make mini movies with our toys,” he notes. “Even when you watch an excellent film, deep down, you have a feeling that some of the things could have been done differently. That’s what keeps me going.” Who are his inspirations as a film-maker? “Cinema or moving image itself inspires me,” he quips. Charlie Chaplin is one of his favourites. “Chaplin used himself as an object to entertain, that is an inspiration to me.” 

So what is next for the talented guy? “I am in constant talk with producers, who do love the scripts that I offer but refuse to commit due to the constant turmoil in markets.” He says that the same goes for acting offers as well. “A movie like Rock On happens once in a lifetime,” he smiles.

What does he do when he isn’t acting, anchoring or directing? “I write for different publications but most of my time is spent in pursuit of creativity.” Luke also has his own show on Good Times. “Plus, animals are a part of my life. I have ten cats so I spend a lot of time with them.” How does he take time out for every passion of his? He merely says, “One lifetime is too short, but it is long enough for you to pursue your passions if you do it the right way.”

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