Capturing art in full

Capturing art in full

Shoppers looking at the products on sale.

The Triblaa exhibition at Safina Plaza is a treat by itself. The art and craft of tribals from across the country is on display at the expo. Evident in every piece of art, is the energy and life of the tribals.  

The unique filigree work on pure silver, the handmade ikat sarees form Orissa, masks and wall hangings made from wrought iron – all handmade grab one’s attention. This tribal fair has over 50 craftsmen from Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

The exhibition consists of tribal paintings from Orissa largely meant as a household decorative item. It is tweaked to resemble a commercialised art form and is made from raw silk fabric. The paintings depict day-to-day activities — all in tiny, intricate prints.

Madhubani paintings, jute products from West Bengal, Dhokra metal casting, done by tribal artisans from Orissa are on display. Bankura horses, from West Bengal add class to any living room.

These horses are not just decorative artifacts, they display the skill and craftsmanship of Bengal. Jute curtains, chair coverings, rugs, bags and other jute items are bleached and decorated with different artistic styles, are also displayed. Punjabi Phulkari sarees, Kantha sarees, bedspreads, wooden articles, clay toys from West Bengal, brass antique items, bangles, jewellery are aplenty.

Biren Kumar, an artist from Orissa says, “We have put in a lot of effort to make the items that are popular in our State. It depicts the beauty of our place.”

Four hundred Ganeshas in various forms are on display. There is a Ganesha holding a guitar, another a laptop and a Ganesha is also seen cooking. Shantha, a visitor says, “The items on display give the viewer an idea about the place the artists come from. Every piece of art is attractive and has its own story to tell.”

The exhibition on till September 13.