CM gives more boost to welfare schemes

CM gives more boost to welfare schemes

The Question Hour on the third day of the Delhi Assembly session on Wednesday revolved around discussion on welfare schemes of the government where in Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit declared that the government will increase the pension for the widow by Rs 500 and the allowance for girl marriages by Rs 5,000.

Recounting the various schemes implemented by the government, Dikshit reminded the House that her government has already increased the senior citizen pension for the elderly (70 and above) to Rs 1,500 from Rs 1,000 and would increase it by the same amount  for widow pension now. “The amount of work which Delhi is doing in social sector is not being done by anybody. Tell me if it is not so? Apart from increasing the pension amount for widows, the allowance with regards to marriage of their girl child will also be raised from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000,” said Dikshit adding that welfare schemes are high on her priorities.

She also assured the House that the government will get a booklet printed about all the government welfare schemes and the norms prescribed for distribution to all Opposition MLAs and councillors. “This would be done very soon to avoid any confusion among the public officials and people's representatives.”

BJP MLA Subhash Sachdeva raised the matter related to installment of CCTV cameras at important intersections of the city to check crime. He asked whether government had announced any scheme for installing the cameras.

Dikshit said there is no such scheme presently but if the Delhi police comes up with any proposition in this regard, government will consider it. Pointing out that CCTV cameras alone will not be able to check crime, she said: “There has to be some centralised connectivity where they can be monitored. If the authority (police) which has to react to the situation has no access to these, what is the use of these cameras.” She emphasised on developing some technology so that the concerned police stations could monitor the CCTV cameras in particular areas.