BSY is my mentor: KSE

BSY is my mentor: KSE

State BJP president K S Eshwarappa said on Friday that former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa was responsible for his growth in politics.

“Both the Sangh Parivar and Yeddyurappa are equally responsible for my growth in politics. We are all like members of a family. None of the leaders will issue unnecessary statements henceforth,” Eshwarappa declared here on Friday.

Eshwarappa, who had a public spar with Yeddyurappa over collective leadership in the saffron party, said only the spokesperson of the party would issue statements henceforth while the ministers concerned would speak about issues related to their departments. He added that the rule applies to minister Renukacharya as well.

The filling of vacancies in the Cabinet has become easy with the resolution of differences between the leaders. Loyal workers would be appointed to boards and corporations, he added.

In a veiled defence of ‘Operation Kamala,’ Eshwarappa said the BJP government would have collapsed if only loyal workers were accommodated in the Cabinet and other posts.